Customer Experience – Top of the agenda

{ Customer Experience – Top of the agenda }

Posted by {Kate Exintaris} 20.10.14

Customer Experience (CX) seems to be on the lips of every organisation we engage with, regardless of their industry sector. Customer Experience, and measuring this, coupled with taking action on the anecdotal feedback our customers provide, is top of the u&u agenda and foremost in our minds, especially since the introduction of my role as u&u’s dedicated Customer Engagement Manager.

Why practice won’t always make you perfect…

{ Why practice won’t always make you perfect… }

Posted by {Emma Mirls} 16.10.14

You can study up to the best, but there are no hard and fast rules to being a superstar and nailing your ideal role, and the most unlikely people can be outrageously successful while the seemingly best qualified don’t always make it. Some factors such as the age at which you start, your genes, your individual strengths combined with natural talent and dedicated practice all can help you excel to the point of mastery. Read more.

100 Women of Influence

{ 100 Women of Influence }

Posted by {Kate Exintaris} 14.10.14

The Australian Financial Review and Westpac have announced the list of their 100 Women of Influence Awards for 2014.  Engaging daily with industry leaders we definitely observe the ‘mood for change’ mentioned in the Australian Financial Review article.  The article references these women setting an example and forging a path for future leaders, both male and female.  

10 tips to manage time

{ 10 tips to manage time }

Posted by {Emma Mirls} 09.10.14

Do you ever ask yourself “how can I get everything done today?” You may have a day planner, a schedule or diary reminders, but why is it that you still have work to do at 5:30pm? I recently read an article which suggests 10 tips to manage time, and found it very interesting that most of us plan our days in ‘clock time’ not ‘real time’. Click here to read 10 quick tricks that may change your working day!