Does having a Facebook account make you a social media specialist?

{ Does having a Facebook account make you a social media specialist? }

Posted by {Erica Brock} 01.10.14

Social media is a constantly growing, evolving and changing beast. Those of us born in the millennial period, described as those born between 1980 to 2000, have grown up on some form of social media. Whether it was MySpace or MSN in the earlier years, or a Facebook account and Twitter account most recently, the majority of Millennial’s believe they have mastered social media. This interesting article highlights that just because we use social media in a personal setting,  does not automatically mean we will be masters in a business environment.

3 Ways To Stop Email Running Your Life

{ 3 Ways To Stop Email Running Your Life }

Posted by {Andrea McDonald} 29.09.14

We were reflecting this week on how advances in technology have impacted so many lines of work.  ‘Back in the day’ we used to have hard copy files for every job applicant. We would sift through our large, alphabetically filed folders every time we had a new role and spend hours finding relevant applicants! Clearly technology has had a great impact in making this part of our process far more effective for the client and candidate. However, there has also been some downsides to such advances, and dependency on email we believe can be one of those.  This interesting article gives a quick few tips on ensuring it is a help rather than a hindrance. Read more

Culture Through Questioning

{ Culture Through Questioning }

Posted by {Sean Johnson} 24.09.14

As a specialist procurement, contracts and supply chain recruiter I’ve always heard good things from contacts that have engaged with Faculty founder Tania Seary, and I’m keen to put a face to a name in the future too. I’d also like to share with everyone her recent article in BRW entitled “5 killer job interview questions”

Choose your words wisely

{ Choose your words wisely }

Posted by {Liana Callaghan} 23.09.14

Brand communications is a notion I have been discussing a lot lately with customers. The notion of a ‘brand’ actually having a conversation with a customer has been at the centre of many of our discussions with clients. This article written by the Head of Customer Intelligence for Scandinavian Airlines, continues this discussion by making the suggestion that the word “campaign” needs to be dropped from the marketing vocabulary except in specific circumstances.