Making part-time work

{ Making part-time work }

Posted by {Peter Liaw} 29.08.14

A recent article in the BRW highlights the changing face of the law, and that true flexibility can be achieved.  It highlighted a number of ex top tier lawyers who have started a new practice based on genuinely flexible work practices, work from home, and payment based on the work done.  That means these lawyers can do the work when and where they want to do it.  For more on the article read on here.

And now for Gen Z

{ And now for Gen Z }

Posted by {Jane Cullen} 28.08.14

This is the new generation which is just about to hit the workforce and indications are that they are very entrepreneurial, tech savvy and not keen to work for the larger corporates, preferring instead to work for smaller organisations and move around more frequently. Read more

Best practice tips for video interviewing

{ Best practice tips for video interviewing }

Posted by {Emma Mirls} 26.08.14

As the benefits of technology continue to be realised, more businesses use video interviewing. So, how can you stand out over a computer screen? Human Capital Magazine posted a recent article on tips to use in a video interview and we couldn’t agree more! These include; set the agenda, introductions (self and panel), presentation content, interview recording, interviewing from anywhere, and video etiquette. To read the full article please click here.

12 ways to eliminate stress at work

{ 12 ways to eliminate stress at work }

Posted by {Danielle Van Velthuizen} 18.08.14

Do you find yourself asking, why am I so stressed? Is there a way to maintain steady focus throughout the day? Is it possible to do everything that needs to get done and still have energy left over after work? Forbes magazine wrote an interesting article which lists 12 ways to eliminate stress at work and after reading this myself, they’re very easy to adopt!