How to increase the budget for your marketing department

{ How to increase the budget for your marketing department }

Posted by {Liana Callaghan} 30.10.14

Marketing departments are seen as critical to the business, however the ROI is sometimes not validated by other departments within the organisation. This article suggests that to increase budget, marketing professionals need to start legitimising the company’s investment by swapping vague terms such as brand equity and market share, replacing this with terms based around forecasting, revenue analytics, KPI’s and margin analysis to grow their influence within the organisation. So how do you validate the marketing department to your colleagues to get a bigger piece of the pie? Read more here.

4 ways to stop people wasting your time

{ 4 ways to stop people wasting your time }

Posted by {Emma Mirls} 29.10.14

The scourge of modern business life, people who waste our time. Sometimes it’s hard to escape but there are four tips that may help you. These four tips include; State your preferred method of communication, prepare an agenda for meetings, police guest lists, and force others to prepare. To understand more about these great tips for your working day read more here.

Are you on your A-game?

{ Are you on your A-game? }

Posted by {Chris O'Flynn} 28.10.14

An interesting article from a contributor of Entrepreneur discusses the do’s and don’ts of the sales process. This article suggests sales representatives take the approach of courting their customers, rather than selling to them. He even goes as far as to ask yourself, “would I do this on a date”? This CEO puts across some very straight forward but important suggestions around the sales process. My personal favourite, wear a clean shirt, figuratively and literally. Click here to read this article from Entrepreneur.

Secrets to choosing the best references

{ Secrets to choosing the best references }

Posted by {Andrea McDonald} 27.10.14

You spend a lot of time polishing your resume and cover letter, but have you taken the time to provide the best references to set you up for success in your job search? Many people believe that reference checks are a ‘necessary process’ and don’t add much value nor are considered as critical in your selection.  “No one will provide a name that will say something bad” we often hear, however there is far more to the selection of referees, and in fact they are often the deciding factor between two final candidates, so it is really important to make sure you take the time to provide your absolute best references for the process.