Choose your words wisely

{ Choose your words wisely }

Posted by {Liana Callaghan} 23.09.14

Brand communications is a notion I have been discussing a lot lately with customers. The notion of a ‘brand’ actually having a conversation with a customer has been at the centre of many of our discussions with clients. This article written by the Head of Customer Intelligence for Scandinavian Airlines, continues this discussion by making the suggestion that the word “campaign” needs to be dropped from the marketing vocabulary except in specific circumstances.

Remember the 3 R’s when writing your resume

{ Remember the 3 R’s when writing your resume }

Posted by {Emma Mirls} 17.09.14

Kylie Chown is a certified master resume writer. I came across her useful article today on HC online. Kylie believes there are three key focus points that you need to remember when writing your resume to step up to your next career level, this being Research, Relevant and Rich Content. Click here to read the full article and gain tips on how to write your next resume.

The marketing team can unify your organisation towards growth

{ The marketing team can unify your organisation towards growth }

Posted by {Liana Callaghan} 15.09.14

There are often discussions around whether the marketing team within an organisation is a revenue generating department. It is commonly accepted that yes, in fact the marketing department does drive revenue. This article discusses the questions that CEO’s should be asking of their marketing team to align departments in order maximise revenue and unify within the different business units.

Stand out from the crowd

{ Stand out from the crowd }

Posted by {Sean Johnson} 11.09.14

It’s common knowledge that a few companies in Brisbane are enduring a forced downsizing of their procurement and contracts function so I wanted to offer some advice and support to the individuals who may find themselves to be unwittingly on the job hunt in a candidate heavy market. I’m also keen to state that this current situation also has its issues for employers looking to secure the best talent currently available on the market.