Personality vs. Skills

{ Personality vs. Skills }

Posted by {Chris O'Flynn} 31.03.15

More than ever, employers are spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring, however with all this choice it’s often no easier to choose the right person. Do you hire someone based on industry experience or do you hire based on attitude and cultural fit and train on the skills? If you don’t have a clear idea of what makes the high performers in your business successful, it can be a very hard decision to make. This article looks at the key hiring criteria for sales and customer service staff working for several highly successful companies which have been recognised for their culture as well as delivering results year on year. The consistent message in this article is that you should hire for cultural fit and attitude and train on the skills.

How to Survive the Waiting Game After an Interview

{ How to Survive the Waiting Game After an Interview }

Posted by {Sarah Fitzgerald} 31.03.15

Just been for a job interview? Now playing the waiting game? Post interview stress can be all consuming, minutes seem like hours and days like months. Add to this the current market conditions which are seeing recruitment timeframes stretched out, it can drive you crazy waiting it out. Read more for a great article with some tips and tricks to surviving the waiting game and some important do’s and don’ts.

What drives employee engagement?

{ What drives employee engagement? }

Posted by {Danielle Van Velthuizen} 30.03.15

With more employers looking at employee engagement as one of their key HR and overall business strategies, there is plenty of spruiking of businesses such as Google who have offices that resemble theme parks. However, is this necessary? I have come across an interesting article in the Financial Review that covers potential myths in what employees expect and what drives a happier and more productive workplace.

The importance of culture fit

{ The importance of culture fit }

Posted by {Hannah Levison} 30.03.15

Something we pride ourselves on at u&u Recruitment Partners, is creating partnerships with our clients to assist with recruitment needs. These partnerships are often based on a comprehensive understanding of the organisations culture. This article outlines how important cultural fit is for employee’s staying in new roles and how it can be the make or break for productivity, tenure and job satisfaction. Read the full article here.